The Message

The Message

Allah the most Gracious, the Most Merciful

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How to transform your life in just 3 easy steps !

I won't waste your time in pages of lectures but instead will give you few practical tips that will transform your life forever for the best. 100% guaranteed if honestly done!

Radio: Holy Quran with Urdu Translation.


You are here because you want to change your life. Why? because you are confused, worried, afraid, unhappy,  insecure, wars, famine, finincial worries, bills, tight budget and you name it and have a feeling of void like something is missing from your life. But why are there so many problems? Problems are there because of the lies and misinformations that derailed you, took the Noor and light away and made your life appear senseless and dull full of problems. Nothing to worry about, only some reprogramming is needed by feeding your mind the truth. It is like a un-tuned radio which gives only noise and as soon as its tuned then one hears the real message. That is what happened to your lives. There is only ONE truth and the rest are just lies making you sick.

It is hard to believe but among others, bills, tight budget, financial problems and illnesses are just the creations of your mind too. With mind, I mean here brain and the soul combined.

( I will insha-Allah include more details in the section 'Quran and Science' )


Either you are Muslim or non Muslim, I will give you 3 steps to follow and you will get inner peace and happiness as never before.
The Main purpose of these tips is to open your eyes and to let you see the truth and let the Noor enlighten your life and the rest will come automatically as a divine gift. You may ask ...why the Quran? the answer to that is; it is the only Allah's words which are intact and authentic to the day. (do your web research and watch/listen Ahmed Deedat) It is the only TRUTH that will take away all your problems and will reprogram and rearrange your mind and tune it. It is the mind that connects you to Allah, don't forget that ! There was only one message from Allah with different names. The only authentic one remaining is the Quran.

Enough said, now do as follows and don't worry;


DO NOT absorb false and baseless propaganda from the mainstream media, such as TV, Internet and newspapers etc. For obvious reasons there is a huge propaganda and brainwash campaign going on, even cinema movies have hidden agendas and subliminal messages.


The information surge is so large that for everybody, any reasonable conclusion is impossible to reach. In my opinion, 99% are the lies and baseless crap either from TV, radio or Internet or from direct personal contacts. Media is all along a devil's tool but there are very few voices which appears to be true (Allah knows the ultimate truth). Therefore caution is a must. Further, there are deliberate attempts from the media to plant doubts into your minds which are almost impossible to remove. This is done with utmost thought and research so please don't take it lightly. Probably you never knew this 1

Okay but what do we do and how can we avoid these brainwashings done by the media? The answer is very simple....ask Allah ! and stop watching the TV !

But how do we do that? where is HE and why would he answer to us if at all? after all we are the sinners BUT read the heading again, HE is THE MERCIFUL. Asking Allah is the steps 2 & 3 only but setp 1 is the necessary conditions for the steps 2 & 3. Even if you are born Muslim, do't skip step 1.

1: (Let me warn you that there are many fabricated Hadiths in circulation hence please always check the source.)  2:

I will explain to you this process as briefly as possible, please read carefully; The process is quite simple but may take some time depending on your inner pollution. To get rid of all the nonsense from your mind and all the false myths, junk and massive lies, start as follows;

Please BE HONEST to yourself, follow these steps with unbiased open mind, and the truth will change your life.


Step 1:


The Most important step: First establish the authenticity of the Holy Quran and the character of our Holy Prophet Mohammad PBUH (the Message and the Messenger) by surfing the web and whatever books you can find. Use different sources. If you do that, you will find that how much false junk is already published on the web and in the books. I will soon include some good text references here. Since this is the most important step so please spend some time to dig out the history. Read the lame anti-Islamic arguments too.( I will add some links and books name later) Always and always research about the author of any text you read (very important)


Once you are sure about the authenticity of the Message and the Messenger, your mind is prepared to accept the Quranic revelations. The truth is like the sky and one cannot hide the sky with the palms of one's hands. Depending on your life style and how polluted your mind is, some time is needed so be patience and follow the given steps in the exact order.

Do not believe or trust ANYBODY, check things out yourself. Not me and not any Islamic scholar but check out yourself.


For non-Muslims visitors, these steps are equally good and valid except salat. It won't harm you at all if you try to understand the Quran for 5 minutes daily. Don't pass judgments on Islam based on the media propaganda but just read or listen what Allah says. Muslims too also often read/refer the Torah and the Bible so you can also do the same. You have nothing to lose or fear my dear non-Muslims visitors.


Step 2:


Please read the Quran with its meaning, or listen to it in audio form. If you do not understand Arabic then please try to learn Arabic as soon as possible. You can also just listen to the Quran with meaning in your own language. Start slowly, like 5-10 minutes per day or so BUT the key is to do it regularly (Daily) !! You may stick to this step for quite some time but DO it no matter what and don't lose hope. It will work for sure !. Bear in mind that without the meaning, the Quran is not as effective as you think it is. It sounds like a beautiful poetry without any meaning if you don't know Arabic.(Hadith-1).(Hadith-2).(Hadith-3)


PS: learning Arabic is actually a necessity for every Muslim otherwise the Salat is just up and down movements. Most of the Muslim(non-Arabic) do not even know the meaning of the 7 verses of Al-Fatihah, a mendatory for every salat.


Step 3:


Start offering salat(Namaaz). Just start by offering the shortest of the 5, Fajr or Magrib. Start slowly and make a habit of it. So in a few months time you would be doing two things, listening to the meaning of the Quran and offering one salat. Thats it, do it for month or ever a year but be regular. Since you already established the authenticity of the Quran so whatever you read or hear from the Quran will be absorbed into your mind and there wont be any doubts. Now feel the subtle transition from your old self to your new self. It maybe be slow but guaranteed 100% transformation.

This is how you ask Allah. Keep all your questions in your mind while listening or reading the Quran with it's meaning and the answers will come to you in due time. Later you may increase the listening time and the Salat but believe me, you will do it with free will much sooner and you will like it too. Actually it would not be a choice but it will happen automatically. Remember ! just be honest to yourself and do all this with complete honesty.


For non-Muslim visitors, please just listen to the Quran with meaning and leave salat, after completing step 1. You will then be only reading/listening to the Quran 5 minutes a day. Just follow step 1 & 2, rest will come in time.


After some time of following the above steps you will notice a remarkable change in yourself. You will become humble, you will become fearless and above all you will become calm, peaceful and happy and no more void. Other financial problems will smoke away and will become irrelevent. This all will happen by just listening to the Quran. The change comes from inside your own self, it is the change of the mind. This is the Miracle of the Quran as mentioned in the Quran itself.


Allah has made the Quran for common people to understand and hence most of the time you won't need and scholarly advice but if you do then consider the following tips to select an Islam scholar;

In order to filter out the fake scholars from the real one, please consider our 10 Tips on the next page.

Once you have that basic inner change in yourself, you will be more attracted to the Islam and going to deepen yourself into the details. For that we have a lot of collection in our downloads. Believe me that just  by understanding the Quran you will become a new person and all the good things, to become a good human being, will come automatically and of course good things will start happening in your life too. This, I call a Divine Gift.

It's a pity that the Quran is there in every Muslim home but either is collecting dust or being read without unbderstanding and now take a look at the Muslim world. Mulsims are doing chillas, wazifas but don't understand a word of the Quran. Reciting a verse without understanding is just playing a parrot. We learn many languages for this materialistic world , for this diploma and that degree, but we don't learn Arabic. What a shame.


In the download section I have only included the Audio and Video of well known scholars who are not associated with politics doing business or some sort of agents. Please investigate yourself too and let me know if you find any error in my judgment.


This is a free and non-profit project with no political affiliation and no donations!