10 Tips

10 Tips

Allah the most Gracious, the most Merciful



We have noted that there are deliberate attempts from various sects of Islam, other religions, political organizations etc., which are funded by various groups to divide Muslims, confuse them, and create doubts among them. The technique is the old one ' divide and conquer '. Watch this funny and lame clip, it proves nothing except lies against Khalid Yasin.

For an average reader it is a chaos out there on the internet, you have YouTube, you have blogs, you have websites and you have no information and idea who is operating them and who is financing them and for what motives?.
Don't be disappointed dear readers, we have some tips that will help you to filter out the unwanted or fake / harmful information. We will only use common sense and simple logic and few minutes on the internet and ask Allah's guidance. Only Allah knows the truth !!


Ask Allah for the guidance then begin the filtering process.


1: Establish the character of the scholar / lecturer e.g. what other people say about him from different sources.  Read the critics too.

2: Establish the authenticity of his references. A good scholar always gives references. Check few of them and if they are good then probability is high that rest of them will also be okay.


3: Observe how he dresses, expensive clothes, rings, watch and conclude if he is humble and simple. An Islamic scholar is a role model for other Muslims so he should reflect it.


4: Check his background and living style. If you find luxurious lifestyle then better stay away. Remember Islam teaches us modesty and humbleness.


5: Check if he has any political ties, direct or indirect, if yes then better stay away.


6: Check carefully if he wants any innovation in Islam or quotes innovations from other scholars, if yes then stay away.


7: Check if he wants to revive or modernize Islam, if yes then stay away. ( this is linked to pt.6 above)


8: He should always provide references or say clearly if he is using his own opinion / interpretation, If not, then it's better to stay away.


9: Western degrees does not make an Islamic scholar, it is his thorough knowledge of Islam that makes him Islamic scholar. ( VERY IMPORTANT )


10: No single Islamic scholar is always 100% right. He is human too and may makes mistakes so be considerate and consult few more scholars when in doubt.

Finally an example of a fake Mushrik scholar called Tahir-ul-Qadri with proofs:

 Watchout form Imran Hosein, he is also a nut case and claims Shia as Muslims 
while cursing other sunnis. Nut case and a liar = Imran Hosein.